no barking aRt
no barking aRt

no barking aRt

the first original not for profit art organization in London. 

Our concept and works had been the inspiration for many others.

who are we


no barking aRt is a nonprofit organization, bringing projects to support independent artists from around the world. no barking aRt biennale 2014 "Material World" was held in London, attracted over 6000 viewers in Truman Brewery Space 25 and espacio gallery in Brick Lane, London. Over the years, we had supported 100s independent artists from around the world. Our exhibitions were the truthful representation of the contemporary art world in our time.

exhibitions and publications

no barking aRt Biennale, no barking aRt Magazine and Educating Picasso are three major on-going events and publishing we hold over the years, each project is a collaborative effort between no barking art and selected artists. Since 2013, no barking aRt brings platform to showcase independent artists. NO Commission is taken by no barking aRt, 100% of the art sale and fees go to artists directly.  

Future is now

base on our brilliant works in the past, no barking aRt continues to develop new shows and platforms; explores new concepts to collaborate with independent artists to exhibit in new  venues in different cities. We want to bring great talents closer to general audiences around the world.

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